Musing on Dampness

Dampness is a devil.  Whether it be breastfeeding, postpartum care, or diapers, dampness will keep you in pain and airing out will promote healing.  This may contain TMI for some people. Breastfeeding isn’t always comfortable at first.  Even with my second child it hurt for a while, just getting used to it. But with my…

Musing on Children

One of the cool things about babies is that they’re not surprising.  I have never woken up and been surprised to find that I have a baby.  You’d think they would be surprising, considering that you go from just having to take care of yourself, to suddenly having to carry around and care for this…

Musing on Babies

Expect to change a baby two times in a row.  There’s nothing like a fresh diaper to trigger a bowel movement.

Musing on Babies

Never announce your intention to do something productive (e.g. clean the living room, start dinner) because your baby WILL hear you, and WILL go out of their way to prevent you from doing it.